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This is a new letter to investors, asking for their help in obtaining a statement of facts from the federal government about their investment funds and where their money actually went and how they will be paid.

Many of the investors may not know this, but I am only paid $5.25 a month from the federal bureau of prisons (FBOP). It will take a million years or more for me to actually be able to pay off the extremely high restitution that I was given, a restitution which actually does not go to pay investors, but to pay the federal government. In falsely accusing and wrongfully convicting me for the stolen funds of investors, the federal government can now point the finger at me as the cause of this entire ordeal while stealing investor funds from the Bahamian bank the United States federal government collapsed.

I am pleading with you investors to please file a lawsuit demanding your funds which was stolen from the collapsed bank, Suisse Security Bank and Trust (SSBT), in the Bahamas where wire transfers proves that your money was invested. I trusted this bank under the letters of recommendation from Gerard “Jerry” Forrester, former FBI agent who endorsed the bank owned by his long time friend, Harajchi, of which Forrester claimed the bank followed US Money Laundering regulations and was a safe bank for investing in their CDs trading program. With FBI endorsed letters of recommendation, I invested your funds into SSBT. Right after the Gerard “Jerry” Forrester wrote the FBI endorsed letters of SSBT in the Bahamas, he retired in “good standing” from the FBI. SSBT, after accepting your monies into its Bahamian CD trading program, had its license revoked.

Dear investors, I am the only person working hard on getting the federal government to return your money back to you. Please help me in getting the federal government to return your stolen funds by contacting your local governors, filing a class action lawsuit against the federal government, the IRS, the FBI, Gerard “Jerry” Forrester, the Harajchis, and SSBT in their theft of your money. I am doing the best I can with my limited resources, very limited income, and corrupt Judge Robert Holmes Bell who has stopped every motion I filed with the courts in getting the federal government to pay you your money. Even after ten years, I am still fighting for all of you and I hope that you will each have the courage to fight for yourselves as well. Please read my letter and please take action. Together, we can hold the federal government accountable for their theft of your money.


Below is the Statement of Facts. It is 111 pages and lists the facts concerning this case, your stolen money, and the federal government’s lies. Please read and check out the references and proofs for your selves. Use the internet to look up and find the truth. I have always been on your side and I am the only one left still fighting for you.

This information can also be found on my site: http://www.ipiw.com and also upcoming on http://www.janetmarcusse.com