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This is the biography of a corrupt man who wants to be seen as the average good guy who does his best to better the world, or at least, the community he lives in. That’s what Judge Robert Holmes Bell would like everyone to believe.

Judge Robert Holmes Bell is by far one of the worst judges in the Western District of Michigan which engages in gross judicial misconduct and even has the arrogance to tell his defendants that he knows he’s overstepping the Court’s authority, but the defendant can’t claim prejudice because the defendant is clearly guilty, even before the jury’s verdict is given. This is the same judge who changed the jury instructions in #USvsMarcusse 1:04-cr-165 WDMI, so that he could dictate what the jury believed by tying fabricated government exhibits to each count, with the excuse of trying to “focus” the jury on the government’s case, a case which was so poorly constructed that Judge Robert Holmes Bell admitted that unless he changed the jury instructions to force the jury to convict the defendant, there would be no conviction at all.

In his own words, Judge Robert Holmes Bell said, “What worries me is we may have–they may look at the exhibits and say, …this thing is about 25 pounds. That is good for 2 or 3 counts to be convicted. No, we don’t want anything like that…Are we to give this jury these instructions and they…kind of hunt, look at shells and try and find out which pea is under which shell? Can they prove this particular transaction of the many they’re alleging on this particular count?…We can have the jury hunt for a while. Someone will find it eventually, but what have we gained by that?” (TR3475) “I give that instruction with that in it…there would be no criminal prosecution of them because it wouldn’t be income.” (TR3465)

Even Prosecutor AUSA Gezon stated that there was no case against Marcusse who is wrongly convicted based on Judge Bell’s changing of the jury instructions, something he admitted to having never done before in any of the cases that he’s been involved with.

AUSA Gezon said, “Jury may say ‘we don’t think–we don’t understand…–maybe the government hasn’t convinced us beyond a reasonable doubt.” (TR3485)

IRS Agent James Flink purported to show $936,626 in unreported income. Tax court finds no income due for the years Flink testified. The Commissioner of Tax Court reduces income claim to zero. (14234-09)

Is this a man capable of being a judge and governing justice when he so perverts it and does whatever he wants? Judge Robert Holmes Bell falsely accused Janet Marcusse of a ponzi scheme in 2005. When the government was caught lying about more than $7.5 million, they changed the charge to “Honest Services Fraud”. Janet Marcusse was wrongfully convicted of a crime she didn’t commit because of this man and was sentenced to 25 years incarcerated. Prosecutor AUSA Gezon, ridiculously initially seeked 1,200 years for Marcusse. Both Judge Robert Holmes Bell and Prosecutor Gezon were so afraid that Janet Marcusse would fight her case, actually come across a decent judge who upholds justice, and would have them prosecuted for gross judicial and prosecutorial misconduct that they both tried abuse and torture through the US Marshals and the Newaygo County Jail where Marcusse was housed during trial as a way of “shutting her up”. Marcusse, after a decade of being incarcerated, is not deterred from fighting for her freedom and gaining justice from these corrupt men.

Please help her innocence be heard by signing her petition at change.org. Help her to show the world the gross misconduct by judges like Robert Holmes Bell and prosecutors like Gezon who engage in gross misconduct, resulting in wrongful incarcerations.