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I have recently acquired a domain in my own name. It will make it easier for people to search for me compared to ipiw which didn’t stand for anything of importance. My new domain is: http://www.janetmarcusse.com and I want people to know who I am. I want them to know that I am a real person.

There is currently nothing yet on janetmarcusse.com because I have to create an entirely new website. It will be different from how ipiw looked like. It will be more modern and more interactive. I want to hear from others about their experiences. I want the world to know that inmates are real people. We bleed. We cry. We feel. We have hopes. We have dreams. Some of us are wrongly imprisoned. Most of us are given excessive lengthy sentences. Many of us will never be free. And sadly, some of us die while being incarcerated due to ignorance, a lack of proper medical care and treatment, and indifference for inmates from prison officers and staff.

I have not given hope on my innocence. It’s been a long ten plus years I’ve suffered my wrongful incarceration. Many people would’ve been exhausted and given up, many innocent people. And that’s unfortunately, a plot of the corrupt justice system, that innocent people who are given lengthy sentences will eventually get tired and give up. Well, that’s not me and that’s not going to be my case. I am innocent of my wrongful conviction. Judge Robert Holmes Bell, year after year, constantly rejecting my briefs, hiding my briefs, and engaging in gross judicial misconduct, will not deter me from my freedom. Judge Bell has written me off as a restricted filer, falsely accusing me of frivolous lawsuit filings when he has admitted to not even considering any of my valid issues stated therein. Even with all his lies and all his doctoring the truth, I will not give up because my freedom and justice is worth fighting for. Justice not measured out by godless men whose corruption, greed, and wrongdoing far surpasses any of the people that they have put behind bars. I will fight my case. I will fight for my freedom. And I will win. It may take another five or ten years until someone brave enough to stand up to these bullies can help free me from my wrongful incarceration, but I will not give up. Good will triumph over evil in the end.

During my trial, Judge Robert Holmes Bell said, “What worries me is we may have–they may look at the exhibits and say,…this thing is about 25 lbs. That is good for 2 or 3 counts to be convicted. No, we don’t want anything like that.” (TR3475) Because Judge Robert Holmes Bell was afraid that the jury wouldn’t find the government’s evidence sufficient to put in a guilty verdict, in the jury instructions, Judge Bell highlights evidence for the jury by tying government exhibits to each count on the verdict form. His excuse was to “get the jury focused rather than unfocused”. (TR3475) Judge Robert Holmes Bell knew that there was insufficient evidence to convict me, evidence that the government created to falsely accuse me and wrongfully convict me.

Judge Bell said, “Are we to give this jury these instructions and they…kind of hunt, look at the shells and try to find out which pea is under which shell and kind of hunt and peck for a while?…We can have the jury hunt for a while. Someone will find it eventually, but what have we gained by that?” (TR3475)

Prosecutor Gezhon likes Judge Bell’s idea to attach evidence to each count on the verdict form so that the government could do the thinking for the jury in case, “maybe the government hasn’t convinced us beyond a reasonable doubt…” (TR3485)

Judge Bell admits to overstepping his bounds and tries to justify it with falsely fabricated government evidence in the government’s favor and said, “Even if the Court overstepped it’s bounds, Marcusse cannot show she was prejudiced, as the evidence of her guilt was substantial.” (R.77, p45)

No, my guilt was never substantial. There was no substance to the government’s lies and fabrications and obstructions of justice. Judge Robert Holmes Bell did overstep his bounds in changing the jury instructions and telling the jury how they should vote on the verdict form by tying government exhibits to each count, such as an investor check to mail fraud, in which Judge Bell has admitted to have never changed the jury instructions and highlighted government exhibits and tying them to counts of any previous verdict form before my case.

He blamed me, for having to “inject” himself into the proceeding because my prose representation, he claimed, had a tendency…to muddy the issues. (R.77, p45)

And my entire wrongful incarceration is based on this one line from Judge Robert Holmes Bell who said about doctoring the jury instructions, “I give that instruction with that in it…there would be no criminal prosecution of them because it wouldn’t be income.” (TR3465)

Sign my petition for freedom at Change.org here: https://www.change.org/p/barack-obama-hillary-clinton-a-wrongful-conviction-is-judicial-murder-free-janet-marcusse-stop-judicial-misconduct

I have 26 supporters so far. Please help sign this petition and be a part of me getting my freedom back.