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I often receive hate mail. It normally comes in the form of a rejection of my innocence claims by Judge Robert Holmes Bell. Sometimes I receive actual hate mail from people who don’t know me at all, people who say that they wouldn’t blink an eye if I was tortured by waterboarding as a means of obtaining a false confession. I’m often called scum and that’s one of the nicer names I’m called. I’m said to be a “ringleader” in a Ponzi scheme and that I “created fake churches” and somehow “denied taxes existed” or something like that.  There are some people who have heard of me back when my case was going to trial and those people hope that I rot in prison for my alleged crimes. It doesn’t matter to those people whether I was innocent at all or whether I was mistreated and abused. People who send me hate mail often simply wants to see me harmed for nothing more than their personal enjoyment or “justification” and these aren’t any of the 500+ investors who lost their monies when the government purposefully collapsed the bank in the Bahamas. No, these are regular people who feel that if I was punished for my alleged crimes, then there would be less “awful” and less “bad” people in this world, in which I suppose they feel a great relief for having rid the world of “scum” like me.

I find it incredibly ironic that these are the same people who lie and cheat and steal and manipulate others, the same people who have done so much dirty deeds with their lives that they really don’t have any right to say anything at all. It’s interesting how quickly people want to judge me or think they know what’s “good” for humanity by trying to exclude me as part of the human race, but those are the same people who corrupt others and have done more than their share of unrighteousness in their time. No one is perfect and if perfection existed, it certainly wouldn’t be in any faulty human being at all. It would be found in maybe a robot with set rules and set commands which it cannot disobey those orders. Because a robot doesn’t have free will, it cannot decide for itself whether it chooses to listen and obey the rules it has been programmed to listen and obey, or to break the rules. Perfection only lies in not having done any harm whatsoever in any way, shape, or form to another, human or animal or anything classified as “alive”. I know of no perfect person. I do not claim to be perfect. I am claiming that I am innocent of the charges I was falsely convicted of.

I did not engage in a Ponzi scheme. I did not steal anyone’s money. I did not lie about investing the monies. I did not collapse the bank where the money was stored in CDs. I did not engage in any scheme to cheat or steal money.

When people hear that you’re a felon, even a falsely convicted felon, they immediately distrust you and hold your background above your head as if you’re beneath them and they’re better than you. You certainly don’t hold people and their unpunished crimes above their heads as if they’re the worst people in the world, so why is it that people feel as if they need to separate themselves from you like you’re some horrible monster?

“I didn’t expect my best friend to be talking to a criminal when I introduced her to you.”

“You worried me when you checked up on my last three wives. You went to prison for identity theft.”

“I can’t have you, someone who’s been in prison, around anyone I love. You might corrupt them.”

Seriously? The mentality of the common people is sad. Just because anyone is convicted of a crime, even falsely convicted like me, they shouldn’t be treated any differently. Every person alive and dead is guilty of being less than their perfect self, so why are felons treated worse than the rest of the human population, as if their incarceration isn’t enough punishment?

That second one, if anyone was married three times and refused to give even the first name of their ex wives and referred to them as wife number 1, 2, and 3, I’d consider doing a Google search too just to make sure the wives are still alive and not dead and buried somewhere. People think we are horrible and terrifying, but we still need to protect ourselves from everyone else because the most dangerous kinds of criminals are the ones that are walking around freely pretending to be like everyone else.

It’s easy for people to want to judge others. Instead of trying to punish others for crimes they have no actual knowledge of past what they’re fed by the media and a broken system, they need to judge themselves and what kind of awful people they are that think people, even innocent people, need to face punishment and abuse beyond prison. I wouldn’t wish prison on my worst enemy. It’s a horrible place that cripples individuals and does nothing to rehabilitate or help anyone. Before people start running off at the mouth about just desserts, there will come a day when everyone will be judged and there will be no hiding their shame. It is guilty people who try to make others feel guilty for their mistakes. Be better people. Do better. Don’t look down on anyone because in an instant, even an innocent person like myself, could be in this awful mess. You are no different than I am. My alleged faults, publicly displayed, are no less than your faults, hidden from everyone.