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I am a God-fearing woman. I am a believer. I am a Christian.

Because of the difficulties of my experiences and of the extreme hardship I am experiencing now, I have forgotten a very important thing that Jesus said in the New Testament. He said, “praise God and thank Him in and for all things”. I’ve been consumed with trying to fight for my freedom, trying to regain a life, trying to have the government be prosecuted for their gross misconduct in my case that I have forgotten to thank God and praise Him for my situation. Some people might think that it’s weird to praise God and to thank Him for sentencing me to 25 years behind bars or to thank Him and praise Him for the physical abuse I’ve endured during my time in the custody of the federal Marshals. Bad experiences makes us question God and His involvement in our lives. But praising God and thanking Him for the bad, makes us realize how much He IS involved in our lives. God is still here. And we need to let Him know that we know He is here and He is for us.

This is my prayer. It is sincere and from my heart. I have been praying to God for the past few days about how I should proceed with my case and in getting my innocence heard. The answer from God is clear. “Praise me and thank me in all things and for all things.” I have forgotten through all my trials, but I will praise God and thank Him now in all things and for all things.

“Dear Father God,

I praise you now for the situation I am currently in and experiencing. I know that you have full control over all things and that this is for my good. I thank you for the situation that I am in and experiencing. It’s not an easy thing to be where I’m at now, but I know you will use this time and this experience for my good. I praise you for the judges, the prosecutors, and everyone involved in my case. You chose the perfect people to give me the situation that I am in now which is needed for my growth in Christ Jesus and in you. I thank you for the judges, the prosecutors and everyone involved in my case. I know that I don’t agree with them or with the things that have happened and are happening now, but I thank you for allowing these people and these events to alter my life in such a way that I will draw closer to you. God, you are my true strength. You are life and death to me. My life and my future is in your hands. I know you will make something good come out of all of this. I praise you for your wisdom and your kindness, for your infinite mercy and your love. I thank you God for all things and for allowing me the experiences and situations I have had, the good and the bad alike, I thank you for. You are my God and through you, I have victory over all the power of the enemy. You are my victory.

In the name of Jesus Christ I pray,