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‘You know why they killed her?’

‘Trying to make it look like it was me. They had my stuff planted all over her house.’

‘First, if you’re a murder suspect, you’re going to be easier to find, and second, to discredit you, in case you ever go public against them’

-Gene Hackman and Will Smith in Enemy of the State

Surprisingly, this isn’t far from the truth. Because the government had no real case against me, they tried dirty tricks and tactics which included, but isn’t limited to:

– Judge Robert Holmes Bell, a most dishonorably crooked man who isn’t worthy of being a Judge governing justice for the Western District of Michigan, stood by in open court while the federal Marshalls bent my fingers back and inflicted physical harm and pain  on me in his presence. His response? “Stand and be quiet until I finish.”

PhysicalAbuse001PhysicalAbuse001aPhysicalAbuse001bChrisListenstoTape001 ChrisListenstoTape001a

– The federal Marshalls physically harming me

JanRequestingRestrainingOrder001 JanRequestingRestrainingOrder001a JanRequestingRestrainingOrder001b JansReplyToMarshallAbuse001 JansReplyToMarshallAbuse001a JansReplyToMarshallAbuse001b JansReplyToMarshallAbuse001c DawnsAffidavitofJansBruises001 ChrisAffidavitonJansInjuriesDawnsAffidavitofJansBruises001LisaAffidavit

– Drugging me before my court appearances while I was at the Newaygo County Jail, an attempt to make me look belligerent, arrogant, and angry to fit Judge Robert Holmes Bell’s deduction of discrediting me by putting me into his personal group of “tax rebels…they’re angry with everyone and everything.”

AffidavitofJanBeingDruggedBeforeCourt001 AffidavitofJanBeingDruggedBeforeCourt001a IntimidatingWitnesses002 IntimidatingWitnesses002a

– Alleging that I was engaged in prostitution


– Intimidating witnesses, especially with taking their picture so Judge Robert Holmes Bell can try them on “attempted murder” charges as he so well stated above in his newspaper interview of how he has pictures of people who posed “threats” to his physical well being

IntimidatingWitnesses001 IntimidatingWitnesses002 IntimidatingWitnesses002aChrisAffidavitonJansInjuries

– Fabricating an absurd charge of trafficking drugs for an arrest warrant on co-defendant, George Besser


– Fabricating bogus ties to the mob in order to search the house of Attorney Sidhu


– Alleging that I had a past criminal record of violence and of issuing “death threats” on judges by scammer David Paul Rendleman, and that I was arrested and convicted of such bogus charges when my Presentence report clearly showed that I had NO criminal record whatsoever and had no run ins with the law prior to this, not even a speeding ticket.

FakeJudgeDeathPlot001 FakeJudgeDeathPlot002 FakeJudgeDeathPlot002a ScammerRendlemanNoCriminalRecord

– Instigating inmate fights so that I could be physically harmed while in Newaygo County Jail and denying the drugging and the fights

SheriffsReply001 SheriffsReply001a CherylsAfidavit001 CherylsAfidavit001a CherylsAfidavit001b CherylsAfidavit001c CherylsAfidavit002 CherylsAfidavit002a CherylsAfidavit002b CherylsAfidavit002c CherylsAfidavit002d JailFight001

Below are my letters and motions and complaints about the mistreatment from the Marshalls, from Judge Robert Holmes Bell, and from the Newaygo County Jail. I don’t have to stay silent about the torture I endured there. Even with so much evidence, Judge Robert Holmes Bell refuses to even consider my petitions, actually denying to file my § 2255 brief which is illegal. However, Judge Robert Holmes Bell thinks he’s above the law.

JansLetter001 JansLetter001a JansLetter001b JansLetter001c JansLetter001d JansLetter001e JansLetter001fJanRequestingRestrainingOrder001 JanRequestingRestrainingOrder001a JanRequestingRestrainingOrder001b JansReplyToMarshallAbuse001 JansReplyToMarshallAbuse001a JansReplyToMarshallAbuse001b JansReplyToMarshallAbuse001c

No matter how crooked and corrupt Judge Robert Holmes Bell is, there is a Just Judge and His name is Jesus Christ and God shall judge us all.