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When common people lie, cheat, and steal, they get sent to prison. When federal Judges and Prosecutors lie, cheat, and steal, they get a pat on the back and a better job. Stop judicial misconduct abuse today. Speak out against the corrupted within the justice system!

Michael Schipper, prosecuting attorney in my case, after lying and fabricating a “Ponzi scheme” and being caught lying about $7.5 million, changed the charge to “Honest Services Fraud”. Federal Judge Robert Holmes Bell changed the jury instructions accordingly, and their scheme of denying me witnesses and evidence and cross-examination of the government witnesses led the jury to falsely convict me on October 28, 2005. I was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison while Schipper, because of my case, was granted a Judge seat by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

I am still fighting my case from behind bars, even after a decade, because innocent people like myself will NOT give up to corrupt and crooked people.

Judges and Prosecutors should be held accountable to the law like everyone else and not above the law. Judicial misconduct is a serious crime in America that isn’t being prosecuted because the people breaking the law are either the people making the laws or are “peers and colleagues” of the people making the law.

Justice should be for everyone, not a select few.